30 mei 2010

May long weekend in North Cascades NP


Last weekend was the May long weekend in Canada (Monday was a day off). After getting our Nexus cards (similar to Privium in NL) we decided to go to the US. We usually lost 1-2hrs at the border. With Nexus it took us 5 minutes!!.

Below a video of the weekend. Make sure to follow the link to YouTube and view in HD!

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13 april 2010

Stevens Lake Regatta


Ge-an was competing in the Stevens Lake Regatta in Washington, USA. Like last year we joined her and camped Friday and Saturday night. This year we camped at Wenberg State Park. We dropped Ge-an at 7am in Stevens lake and Robin, Jamie and I went for breakfast in Everett. We then made our way to a nearby state park with a cool playground.

This playground was so much fun that we went back on Sunday ;-)

A video to give you an idea, make sure to click it to jump to Youtube and select HD:

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04 april 2010

Video of Whistler and Lighthouse park

Below is the first video in a very long time!

I'll hopefully edit a few older videos into one large video in the near future. This video has a trip to Whistler and a visit to Lighthouse park in West Vancouver. Click the embedded video to jump to the Youtube site. Recommended to watch in 720p (HD) video

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08 november 2009

Winter is here


Noticed that Seymour received a good dump of snow last night. Went up to have a looksie at the end of the day!


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18 januari 2009


Just a quick update. We are back from our trip to The Netherlands, more on that in a future update. Full of energy we decided to tackle our next reno project.. A big one!

People who have been in our house will recognize what it is ;-)


We guess it will take another weekend to get it all down, but then we can start with putting drywall back up, painting and all the other fun stuff (like getting rid of the waterfall)


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04 december 2008

New server, new movie

Hi all,

A very quick updates. The old server was having serious issues and needed regular reboots. I've moved to the new server yesterday. But not all websites etc are up. Canablog seems to be OK now ;-)

This post is:
- A test to see if notifications still work
- To let you know our mail has moved to a new server, so if there are issues, that is why
- We have put a new movies up on http://www.brijn.nu -> Video

The video is made using our new HD camera. The preview (DivX web) is down converted to SD resolution. I highly recommend the larger download :)

Bye for now


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21 juli 2008

Three years

No we are not dead, far from that. But six months since the last update is a bit long.

So time for an update, why today you might ask....

Well, today it's exactly THREE years ago that we became landed immigrants in Canada. And time is flies when your having fun ;)

With all the fun thing we did we said, well now we must really update our log, but never sat down long enough.

So an overview of all things and persons coming up. First up is Jamie. He started to babble at first, then talk, grew about 10 cm, and looks more and more like his brother.

The talking bit is very funny. If he wants to drink he says 'water?'. If he wants to eat something he says '(h)ap', and a hug becomes 'ug'. At first everything was 'no more' if he wanted us to stop doing something (like changing his diaper). NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE! Then it became 'no way'. The same way repeating it 4, 5 times very loud. Now he's in a phase of stomping his feet. Not being very good at it yet, it's a very funny sight.

We also applied for a Dutch passport for Jamie some weeks ago. The most challenging part was getting a picture that was acceptable. What with all these new rules about how the picture should exactly look.... Try to get a 20 month old toddler to sit still and close his mouth and look at the camera long enough. Especially the closed mouth was a bit of a problem for Jamie. There were sooooooo many interesting things to see in that photo shop! Ohhhhhh and ahhhhh with his mouth wide open. Like my colleague said; they just make you look like a criminal beforehand, to make it even more difficult to get into the US. Well here is pirate Jamie at his fiercest (still cute)


I must say he kind of reminded me of Mr. McDust here.

Then there is Robin, who is 'a big boy' now, but not yet as big as the bigger boys. He's also grown at least 10 cm, can do hand signals on his bike, and is getting ready to start school!

It amazing to see how his skills keep developing. In January we went skiing, and after a week of lessons, Robin was able to come down any green run with us. We kept the skiing up back in Vancouver where he's coming down the occasional blue run as well. He loves skiing! It seems winter is his most favorite time of year.... Maybe Christmas has some influence there too. Though to other day he was making 'snow' angels on our bed, and asked us when it would be winter time again so he could make real snow angels.

This winter was also the first time he did a long hike going up mountain in the snow. He had set his mind to climbing 'the highest mountain' (for those of you familiar with kids TV... that's right out of Dora the explorer), and so we did. This was a 7 km. round trip gaining about 400 m. height. It took us 3.5 hours to get to the top and only 1 hour to get back (bum-sliding included; hooray for gore-tex!)


The most exciting thing for Robin though is still to come. Robin will start school in September. In Canada all children start school the year they turn 5. And they all start September first, not on their birthday, but all at the same day. Every municipality has it's own school district, and they all have their own way of dealing with registration, and what kind of education they provide.

We had the options:
- Regular english
- Full day english (Kindergarten only)
- French immersion (because Canada is officially bilingual they offer a school program to educate children to be functional bilingual. This program start either in Kindergarten (5y olds) or in Grade 7 (12y old))

Because many parents are interested in French immersion they have to keep a lottery. And after that, apparently many parents decide later they don't need/want a spot in french Immersion anyway. Which in turn means the school district keeps waiting lists. We were on a waiting list and got a call just before we went on holiday that they now have a spot in french immersion for Robin. So when we come over in December he'll be fluent in three languages ;-)

And then there is Bas and I.... we basically try to get as many days off as possible. Which considering the number of holidays we get is not enough. I get 15 days this year, woohee, 5 more then last year. Good thing my manager is very easy when it comes to taking unpaid leave. So besides the 3 weeks in December I had 1 week in January and 1 in June.

Luckily for Robin and Jamie, Oma had a lot more holidays (I'd say she's got an indefinite number of holidays), and she came over for 6 weeks. So they both did have a longer holiday. Robin was very exited to go camping with opa and oma in 'the campertje' as he called it. After 6 weeks, he was using a lot more dutch words again. Very funny.

Bas, Jamie and I joined them for 1 week. We went to Yoho National Park and Glacier National Park. Both beautiful. The best of the best pictures:






For more picture check Gallery!

And I promise, the next update will not take this long again :-)

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20 november 2006

Two months later

Two months, 2400gr and 5cm later things are going well. Jamie is sleeping relatively well AND we got more then a meter of snow on the local mountains...

what more can you ask for :)

Winter has started again, Cypress mountain has opened and we picked up our year pass. Hopefully we will be able to get even more skiing done this year then last year.

Although what is winter up the mountain, presents itself as big autumn storms down here. Rain, rain and more rain, and some strong winds. Definitly the end of the indian summer here. The good thing is it leaves loads of big puddles for Robin to jump in. We went the Lynn Canyon 2 days ago, the creek is twice as high as in the summer time. The volume of water going through the canyon and the waterfall is quite amazing.

We also started looking for another house a bit more serious. We defined pretty well what we are looking for. But since we only want to live in a few areas in North Van, the selection is limited. But we are not in a hurry..

Robin and Jamie are getting along pretty well.. Jamie isn't complaining :) Other people told us stories about the older child being unhappy with the new addition to the family. But Robin seem to like Jamie a lot. He likes helping with Jamie, bringing blankies, giving hugs and kisses etc.

Some nice pictures of Jamie(and Robin) at http://gallery.brijn.nu/jamie_6mnd

In a few weeks it's again time for Sinterklaas.. He is again arriving by boat in New Westminster, something we don't want to miss. That part of Dutch haritage we want to pass to Robin and Jamie. In the morning we will celebrate St Klaas via the Internet with Ge-an's parents, then go to the St Klaas arrival, and the next morning with my parents.. MSN is not as good as in real live, but it does work.

Updates on the technical side, I redid Brijn . Nu (for the x-th time since 1999). I now included a direct link to the Video page. I will mainly use DivX from now on, for the movies. You can watch the last movie in the webplayer, or download the older ones. Divx works on Windows, Mac and Linux. So this change was really for our Mac users (you know who you are ;-) )

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28 september 2006

It's official

On Tuesday the 26th of September 2006 at 21:25 our second son was born..... JAMIE

He did take his time.. So much time that at 11 days after the due date he was induced.

In The Netherlands they start induction two weeks past due time. That would have been last Friday, the day that my parents are leaving again. That would have extremely disappointing.
We always thought this aby would be perfectly on time (like Robin was) or early, since they second children are often born early.

But now this one was late, very late. We had an appointment with the maternity clinic on Friday. The doctor mentioned she was going to make an appointment with the Lions Gate Hospital for induction. Weeeheee, that would mean my parents would still be around.. Big relief..

The actual appointment was for Tuesday since Monday was already fully booked.

On Tuesday we had to call at 7:00 to see if we could really come in (after a very busy you might not).. but yes, there was room, so we went to the hospital at 08:00.. They did another so called "Non Stress Test", they check babies heart rate and mother's uterus contractions. Well, this seemed to be one really stress free baby. They then placed a tampon with some hormones in the uterus to soften the cervix. This usually takes 12-24 hours. Only occasionally this is sufficient to start the labour. The normal way is we'd have to come back on Wednesday to get a second hormone to get the real contractions started. And with that we were send home again at 11. They asked us to come back at 8 in the evening for another Non-Stress-Test.

Since all was still quiet, just an occasional very weak contraction, we decided to meet with Robin and grandparents at Grouse Mountain.
The weather was absolutely amazing, I think around 23dgr at the top of the skyride . My parents where watching the Lumber Jack show when we arrived. Not much had changed since the last time we watched it. They still made a small chair.. Robin was the youngest person in the audience the last time. Not now :-)

We walked up to the top of Grouse Mountain. Very warm, but a nice view as the reward. We'll link the pictures in an update later.

We went back home around 15:30, had dinner since we had to be in the hospital at 20:00. Since 16:00 Ge-an noticed more contractions, not really stronger then before, but shorter apart. We timed them at around 4-5 minutes.

In the hospital Ge-an was connected again to the Non Stress Test equitpment. It show nice regular contractions that where only 2 minutes apart by then. But they still weren't extremely strong. She could just about read a book thru it.

The attending nurse discussed with us if we wanted to go home for a few hours or stay.. We had just decided we wanted to go home, when she wanted to wait for one last contraction. And guess what..... Ge-an's water broke. Apparently contractions get stronger after that, and they did.. Suddenly it all went to full labour. This was around 20:45. Since things where accelerating so quickly the nurse called our doctor and started the IV (anti-biotics) and checked dilation, it went from 4 to 6 cm in the last twenty minutes.

Another twenty minutes later contractions where so painfull that Ge-an asked (uhmmm, demanded ;) a painkiller. The nurse gave Ge-an de painkiller.

At this point the doctor also came in. The nurse asked Ge-an if she noticed any effect.. No, she replied, but I do feel the urge to push.
There reply was OK, turn to your back and start pushing if the next contraction feel the same.
After two more contractions the head started to apprear already. The doctor had Ge-an feel for the head.. We where expecting something similar to Robin's birth, so it was a huge surprise that we where already at that point.. A few more contractions and it was 21:25, the time that Jamie was born.. Less then an hour after labour started :-)

They quickly checked him (all ok) and measured and weighed him. So the important details:

After two hours we moved from the baby delivery room to the post partum ward. I had phones my parents, so my mother quickly came by (it's only 15 minutes away from our appartment).

There was an extra "bed" for me, so I was able to stay with Ge-an during the night.. Not much sleep, but ala, we will need to get used to that again :-)

The doctor had already said we might be able to go home the next day, since everything went very well. Normally people stay two days.

On Wednesday morning there where some more checks and Jamies first wash. My parents where there at that point as well, so many pictures and video's where taken.. We will add links later today.

At 13:00 we left the hospital, so where at home less then 16 hours after he was born... joehoeee..

Links to pictures and video:

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14 september 2006

It's almost time ...

To go skiing!! Or was it almost time for the baby to come!

Let's start with the important part first.. We ordered two Cypress Mountain ski passes. Last year we didn't ski to much because a ticket for just an evening is relatively expensive (~35 dollars). Now we can go for an hour of skiing if we want..

My parents (Bas) arrived last week. The weather was still extremely nice, 30 something degrees I think. We have had a solid three months of sun, with maybe two days with some rain.

But September is the month that the weather turn to rain, and stays like that for 3 months :-)

Today we had the first real rainy day. It was also a lot colder, around 7gr this morning.

And it was not just colder on this side.. Banff currently has a heavy snow advisory :-) You can guess where my parents are (not Banff, but close)..

The picture below is Whistler, today.. First snow.. woehie!!

I'm really loking forward to this winter.. Plan to get lots of skiing in.

Oh, and the baby, not there yet :-)

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01 maart 2006


Time for another update, the last one has been a month ago....

First of all, Bas went to Korea for whole week. That was a bit of a challenge for me. Luckely it was only my second week at Arc'Teryx and I could still take it easy there.

Robin is still adjusting to going to daycare fulltime. He loves going there, but we do notice he get more tired at night especially on Thursdays and Fridays. He much more active at day-care and he is just learning so much. His English is as good as his Dutch now. Some of the new words he only knows in English.

They usually go out once or twice a day, depending the weather. There's a playground just across the street from the daycare. Besides that they do Art and have Circle Time everyday. Today Sandra made a contour drawing of each child, and then they could color it. It looks nice. We'll probably put it on Robin's bedroom door.

That is.... in the furure it will not be just Robin's bedroom. But he will need to share it with a little brother ar sister. YES, I'm pregnant again! We're expecting our second baby in September. So far everything is going well. We went to the Maternity Clinic for the first time last Monday. There we heard the heartbeat of the baby, really great!

So anyone planning to visit us, September might not be the best month :-).

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26 februari 2005

The date is SET!!!!!

The Lufthansa lady I spoke a few days ago did not leave a good impression. Before booking a real ticket I decided to give it another try and phoned with LuftHansa Miles & More in Germany directly.
The lady there was a lot more thorough and decided to return our call after she did a search, the other lady handled it all (quickly) on the phone..

When she returned the call she had found two flights for us. As a result we will be flying 21st of July, 10.30 to Frankfurt->Portland->Vancouver. WOOHOOO, this one call saved us roughy E1000 ;-)

With the fixed date we have, we can now write our resignation letters and hand them over.


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24 februari 2005

Ready to leave

Yesterday we received a call that our passports had arrived at Buysse, very convenient since Ge-an has her day of on Thursday.

So now we have three passport with some additional info...

[follow the link to read on]

Do you wonder how they look?


Nothing special, really small actually.. But with these small pieces of paper we can leave for Canada at any moment :-)

While Ge-an was at Buysse, she noticed a magazine called Ajuus.. We were interviewed for release-zero (nulnummer) of the magazine. A picture of Robin and Ge-an on the frontpage :-)

Unfortunately the content of the article is far away from what we told them. It seems that a second editor heavily modidied the version we have seen. And the changes that we wanted in the version we did see, did not make it to the final version. As a result the article is a bit beside the truth and contains some really annoying mistakes..

But anyway,
a link to the PDF of the article (BIG! 2.5 Mb)

This weekend we will try to find a cheap ticket somewhere at the end of July (unfortunately I can use my Frequent Flyer miles, not enough seats). Based on the flight date, write our resignation letters and hand them over to our employers.. That will be strange ..

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11 februari 2005

Passports sent of to Berlin

To exclude any possible problems with our beloved TPG Post, Ge-an drove yesterday to Culemborg to drop our passports at Buysse Immigration Consultants.

Berlin probably needs a few weeks to process the passports and sent them back to Buysse.

If all goes as planned, the next update will be a scan of the VISA ;-)

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03 februari 2005

It's official: we passed all the hurdles

Finally, a few minutes ago we receive a call from Buysse Imigration Consultants that they received the request to sent sent in our passports.

This means that all the (medical) checks turned out OK.

The Berlin embassy needs some 3-5 weeks to process the passports and add the VISA to it..

I have a small problem with my almost weekly travels to Frankfurt, but a temporary passport or identity card is probably quickly arranged.

Finally, a few minutes ago we receive a call from Buysse Imigration Consultants that they received the request to sent sent in our passports.

This means that all the (medical) checks turned out OK.

The Berlin embassy needs some 3-5 weeks to process the passports and add the VISA to it..

I have a small problem with my almost weekly travels to Frankfurt, but a temporary passport or identity card is probably quickly arranged.

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14 januari 2005

Almost there... done the medical check

At nine this morning we rang the bell at a nice old house in The Hague. We had an appointment with the, in immigration circles, well known Dr van Meurs.
He is very friendly, elderly doctor (our guess is around 75) who is allowed by the Canadian embassy to do the physical checks required for the application.

His working- and reception area look like they have not been updated since around 1950. Gas stoves, very old microscope, desk completely filled with paper (obviously no PC to be found there).

A great experience :-)

The checks were simple and straight forward, we do not expect any problems. In a nearby hospital a chest X-ray was made, and a blood sample taken. X-ray was fine as well for both of us.
After Dr van Meurs has received all the results he will forward them to Vienna (?) who will do a last check and then tell the embassy in Berlin that all is OK.

All of this means that we expect our VISA by the end of March!!!!

But first... Skiing in Livigno!

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11 januari 2005


The real estate agent did find some post! And yes, it included our forms for the medical check.... Woehaaaaa..

We have got an appointment for this Friday..

Today i'll also Transfer the Right of Permanent Residence Fee. By waiting a two weeks we saved E60. Due to a currency conversion rate change, the fees is down to E590 per person, instead of 620 last week :-)

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And again another viewer

And another visit for tomorrow. Unfortunately not a second visit from the viewer of last week. But a viewer a week is at least a nice thing.

We asked the real estate agent of the house below us to check their mail to see if TPG Post misplaced it maybe? Haven't heard anything back yet. Will check tomorrow.

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08 januari 2005

Another viewer for the house

It has been awhile but we had another viewer for the house. He apparently was interested in a second visit.. Let's see what comes out of it.

Selling the house now would be great

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06 januari 2005

TPG Post

Buysse sent of the documents at the third of Jan. Normally we would have received it a day later, max two. It's now three days later. Another victim of a criminal TPG Post employee it seems. We know of three other deliveries that never reached us :-((((

Will have to complain to them tomorrow, but it's extremely shitty since this delivery contained official documents from the Berlin embassy. If they don't allow us to use copies (that Buysse has fortunately enough), we might need to wait until they have sent a new copy..
I would not be surpised if that gives us a delay of about a month :-(

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03 januari 2005

Yes!!!! Invitation for medical check on it's way

Earlier today we received a phone call from Buysse to tell us that they had received the invitation for the medical check. After the check you will get the VISA in two months!

That means that the whole procedure will have taken a year. Exactly the timeframe given by the Berlin embassy.

We will have to sent the Embassy the "Right of Permanent Resident Fee"
A fee of roughly Euro 620 per person. If we transfer the money now, the next request from the embassy will be to sent the passports in... Wooowie..

A good start of the new year! Now if we would only sell our house :-)

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06 september 2004

Processing time down to 8 months

Many people receive their invitation for the health check after only eight months! Adding the unchanged two months between health check and arrival of the visum would translate to:

- Health check, 03 + 8 = November 2004
- Visa, 03+10 = Januari 2005

That is a lot quicker then we initially thought, nice!!

Now hopefully somebody will buy our house soon :-)

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29 mei 2004

House @ Funda

In the Netherlands there is one big site where most of the houses-for-sale are listed. This site has revolutionized the way people find and buy a house. We just it a lot to find this house. Now our house is again available on Funda

A direct link to the house might not work, but you can try it anyway :-)

I also created PDF of the most important pagem click to view

There are several house available in this street, but none as big as ours. But since the market is slow. We expect that it could take a year (or more) to sell it

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24 mei 2004

Pictures for the house taken

Just a small entry, the pictures for the house were taken this morning..


Only a week left before we go on holiday to Canada!!

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08 mei 2004

House for Sales

Yesterday we gave a realtor the OK for starting to sell our house. We will receive a contract next week, and after that a photographer will come by to make some pictures for the presentation.

We decided to start with the sale a long time before we will actually leave, because:
- It might take a year before it's actually sold
- We don't mind to move to a rental house before we move to Canada. This could be fairly smll so that we already have to clean up/throw things away, and pay a lower monthly fee

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07 mei 2004

Told my boss @ work

Yesterday I told my boss that we were going to immigrate.. He was happy that I told it this early, so that he can adjust his plans.
He could also understand why we wanted to go.. The suggestion he made: working out of a nice cabin in the woods over the internet.. was a good one :-) But maybe not to realistic at first.. but who knows

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27 april 2004

B number finally received

Yesterday the only official document for many months to come was received from the embassy in Berlin. It is the document with the so called B number, the number under wich our dossier (case) is know to the embassy..

With this number we can also open a bank account etc.

They receive our documents at 19-3-2004, that is the official start date of our process. It looks like that the process is currently taking 11 months, so that would mean a visum by Feb 2005 :-)

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16 maart 2004

Bombs Away... Ohh no... Documents away

Finally, it's really official..
Buysse sent us a letter to confirm that the complete file is sent to Berlin. We should get a confirmation from them (Berlin) in 4-8 weeks.
They still expect that it takes 15-18 months to handle the request (and 2-3 more if an interview is needed, but that is unlikely).

So, that means April-May-June-July-August-September-October-November-December-January-February-March-April-May-June 2005

Roughly two months before that we will receive an invitation for a physical examination. So that is the next landmark ;-(

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14 maart 2004

The money

This should really be the last step :-) We mailed a PDF of our "International Moneytransfer card" to Buysse to show that the "Processing Fee" is on it's way to the Canadian Embassy to Berlin.
We spoke with Buysse on Friday and they will sent it of on Monday.

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06 maart 2004

Woeiii, IELTS passed

Yesterday a nice letter from the BLTC dropped on our doormat:
Listening: 9
Reading: 8
Writing: 7
Conversation: 8
So all points are in! Buysse received their copy yesterday as well, and they will contact us next week. All documents are now in, so we expect that they will sent it of somewhere in the next two weeks.

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16 februari 2004


We delivered the documents to Buysse. They expect that they sent the documents to Berlin (the Canadian embassy) middle of March.
They also think that the actual visum could be ready somewhere May next year!

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09 januari 2004

Visit to Buysse

At Monday December, 22 we went to the first meeting with Buysse. In the meeting Buysse went into some more detail to assess our chances. They think we have a 98% chance. The remaining 2% is if we turn out to be very sick or heavy criminals :-)

So we signed a contract with them....

They timeframe they proposed is roughly:
End of January ‘04: we deliver all documents
End of February ‘04: Buysse sends all documents to the embassy after getting them translated and certified
End of August ’05: VISA, the embassy needs 18 months! :-( Maybe I should help them implement a good workflow tool

Now (January 9) we have most documents gathered, only the “Verklaring van goed gedrag” and references from Ge-an’s employer are missing.

I added a permanent exchange rate graph to the page layout. I sent out all documents to open a Non Resident Account with the Royal Bank of Canada, so we need to determine a good point to transfer some funds :-)

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28 november 2003

Getting help

The internet has a lot of info on immigration, but since it's very complex we decided to make use of the services of a specialised company: Buysse Immigration Consultancy.
I found thru the Canada Bulletin Board system

AT 22nd of December we have an appointment there.

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25 november 2003

Why a BLOG

Why add another new blog to the internet?
Because it's nice to later check what you thought at a certain time? How will I otherwise remember that I yesterday found out that there are a three major ski areas around Vancouver?

That I think that Coquitlam would be a nice place to live, and many more small things that you will forget if you don't write them down.

And later it will be a great place to keep family and friends up-to-date with our live in Canada.

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