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04 oktober 2010

Callaghan lake Provincial Park

Having only spent one weekend camping this seasons, we really wanted to get out at least once more. The forecast for the weekend was pretty good.
We took of Saturday morning with the idea to camp at Alice Lake, our usual destination, but were unpleasantly surprised by the $30 camping fee. A quick look in our Backcountry Mapbook showed Callaghan Lake Provincial Park as a nice option. We had planned to go to Brandywine Meadows anyway on Sunday, and this was close to it....

Short drive up a nice forest service road brought us to the basic campground. Spent some time stargazing, it was very clear (and dark :)

Next morning we drove up a pretty exciting Forrest Service Road to the snowmobile hut near Brandywine Meadows. Had not driven this car yet on roads like that. Was pretty exciting, but we made it :-)

Make sure to watch in HD :)

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