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22 augustus 2010

Jamie and the big octopus

Unaware of the great danger that lurked in the clear waters of Corfu's Limni Beach, Jamie was playing with a small plastic bottle only a meter away from the shore. Jamie filled his bottle with water, added some rocks and then emptied it again.. Lots of fun... until.........

a long arm with suckers(zuignappen) appeared out of the deep. They started tugging on the small plastic bottle. Jamie started to pull a bit harder as well, until he looked to his rights and looked straight into the eyes of a giant.... octopus!!!


He let out a big cry and ran out of the water, he had never seen an octopus before, especially this close. Thinking he had seen a small jelly fish close to him I walked over and saw the octopus with the bottle. My shawdow spooked it and it took of to some rock for cover. Some people sitting very close had seen as well, and tried to get the octopus out of the water using the pole of sunshade (the white stick i n the photo. Have a look thru the Flickr set (http://www.flickr.com/photos/brijn/sets/72157624692745762/) for some more pics. Some other people joined the search, but it seemed they where very much hoping to make it their dinner for that night.. Fortunately the octopus managed to escape from the hunters and returned to the deep.

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