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13 april 2010

Stevens Lake Regatta


Ge-an was competing in the Stevens Lake Regatta in Washington, USA. Like last year we joined her and camped Friday and Saturday night. This year we camped at Wenberg State Park. We dropped Ge-an at 7am in Stevens lake and Robin, Jamie and I went for breakfast in Everett. We then made our way to a nearby state park with a cool playground.

This playground was so much fun that we went back on Sunday ;-)

A video to give you an idea, make sure to click it to jump to Youtube and select HD:

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04 april 2010

Video of Whistler and Lighthouse park

Below is the first video in a very long time!

I'll hopefully edit a few older videos into one large video in the near future. This video has a trip to Whistler and a visit to Lighthouse park in West Vancouver. Click the embedded video to jump to the Youtube site. Recommended to watch in 720p (HD) video

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