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26 april 2009

Dutch Canadians!

A Dutch Update!

Last week Ge-an was rowing in a Ouwetaartenrace close to Seattle. On the way there we passed thru Lynden, where 50% of the population is from Dutch descendants.

To continue in the theme we visited the Tulip Festival today...

Ge-an really want me to say that the Ouwentaartenrace is the "Lake Stevens Sculling Regatta". We had heard of Lynden before and noticed it was on a possible scenic route to Lake Stevens.

We managed to arrive there around lunch time. After a bit of searching we found a restaurant that served pannekoeken (Dutch pancakes)!! They didn't pass our Real-Dutch test, but pretty good.

Funny to walk around in Lynden, windmill, clogs and a "Postkantoor":

We camped on the Rivers Meadows campground, around 20 km from Lake Stevens. We dropped Ge-an early in the morning for her races. Robin and Jamie packed up the tent and played for a bit. Around lunch time we headed for Lake Stevens again (so that Jamie could fall asleep in the car).

After an extended, scenic drive (Jamie had a long sleep :)) we saw Ge-an's last race:

This weekend brought very nice weather so we where looking for something outside. On a website we found the "Tulips of the Valley Festival" near Agassiz (a 100 min drive from us).

Not long before we left to Canada we had taken pictures of Robin in a Dutch tulip field. Below is a scan of the 6x6 slide from that day:

We are guessing the nice weather was the reason for the crowds that headed for the Tulip Festival. Visitors where predominantly Asian, the owner however are probably Dutch since the lady at the entrance gate answered us in Dutch when she overheard us talking Dutch ;-)

Below a selection of the pictures we took. A larger selection can be found as a PDF slideshow. This file is 30MB large, so it could take a while, but well worth the wait if we might say so :)





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