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27 augustus 2008

Slowly we turn it into our house

We are not making quick progress with the house renovation. Not a big problem since it's perfectly livable. But once every while we do get inspired and do something...

In this case it was the "overloop" (staircase). A fresh coat of paint, a new halogen light rail. Not to much work, most of the work was in sanding and painting the wood panelling. It was dark brown before, and now a ligt yellow/brown. Turned out a bit yellower then we expected, but close enough.

One of the other things we did was add a picture rail. People who visited us in Rotterdam, The Netherlands might remember the large Innemee we had on the wall:

We bought and where given two smaller works by Innemee that are not in the Rotterdam picture.

We wanted to give them a nice spot in our new house. The straircase was the only place where there was enough room to properly show them.

We just finished hanging them and are pretty happy with the result!

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