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21 juli 2008

Three years

No we are not dead, far from that. But six months since the last update is a bit long.

So time for an update, why today you might ask....

Well, today it's exactly THREE years ago that we became landed immigrants in Canada. And time is flies when your having fun ;)

With all the fun thing we did we said, well now we must really update our log, but never sat down long enough.

So an overview of all things and persons coming up. First up is Jamie. He started to babble at first, then talk, grew about 10 cm, and looks more and more like his brother.

The talking bit is very funny. If he wants to drink he says 'water?'. If he wants to eat something he says '(h)ap', and a hug becomes 'ug'. At first everything was 'no more' if he wanted us to stop doing something (like changing his diaper). NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE! Then it became 'no way'. The same way repeating it 4, 5 times very loud. Now he's in a phase of stomping his feet. Not being very good at it yet, it's a very funny sight.

We also applied for a Dutch passport for Jamie some weeks ago. The most challenging part was getting a picture that was acceptable. What with all these new rules about how the picture should exactly look.... Try to get a 20 month old toddler to sit still and close his mouth and look at the camera long enough. Especially the closed mouth was a bit of a problem for Jamie. There were sooooooo many interesting things to see in that photo shop! Ohhhhhh and ahhhhh with his mouth wide open. Like my colleague said; they just make you look like a criminal beforehand, to make it even more difficult to get into the US. Well here is pirate Jamie at his fiercest (still cute)


I must say he kind of reminded me of Mr. McDust here.

Then there is Robin, who is 'a big boy' now, but not yet as big as the bigger boys. He's also grown at least 10 cm, can do hand signals on his bike, and is getting ready to start school!

It amazing to see how his skills keep developing. In January we went skiing, and after a week of lessons, Robin was able to come down any green run with us. We kept the skiing up back in Vancouver where he's coming down the occasional blue run as well. He loves skiing! It seems winter is his most favorite time of year.... Maybe Christmas has some influence there too. Though to other day he was making 'snow' angels on our bed, and asked us when it would be winter time again so he could make real snow angels.

This winter was also the first time he did a long hike going up mountain in the snow. He had set his mind to climbing 'the highest mountain' (for those of you familiar with kids TV... that's right out of Dora the explorer), and so we did. This was a 7 km. round trip gaining about 400 m. height. It took us 3.5 hours to get to the top and only 1 hour to get back (bum-sliding included; hooray for gore-tex!)


The most exciting thing for Robin though is still to come. Robin will start school in September. In Canada all children start school the year they turn 5. And they all start September first, not on their birthday, but all at the same day. Every municipality has it's own school district, and they all have their own way of dealing with registration, and what kind of education they provide.

We had the options:
- Regular english
- Full day english (Kindergarten only)
- French immersion (because Canada is officially bilingual they offer a school program to educate children to be functional bilingual. This program start either in Kindergarten (5y olds) or in Grade 7 (12y old))

Because many parents are interested in French immersion they have to keep a lottery. And after that, apparently many parents decide later they don't need/want a spot in french Immersion anyway. Which in turn means the school district keeps waiting lists. We were on a waiting list and got a call just before we went on holiday that they now have a spot in french immersion for Robin. So when we come over in December he'll be fluent in three languages ;-)

And then there is Bas and I.... we basically try to get as many days off as possible. Which considering the number of holidays we get is not enough. I get 15 days this year, woohee, 5 more then last year. Good thing my manager is very easy when it comes to taking unpaid leave. So besides the 3 weeks in December I had 1 week in January and 1 in June.

Luckily for Robin and Jamie, Oma had a lot more holidays (I'd say she's got an indefinite number of holidays), and she came over for 6 weeks. So they both did have a longer holiday. Robin was very exited to go camping with opa and oma in 'the campertje' as he called it. After 6 weeks, he was using a lot more dutch words again. Very funny.

Bas, Jamie and I joined them for 1 week. We went to Yoho National Park and Glacier National Park. Both beautiful. The best of the best pictures:






For more picture check Gallery!

And I promise, the next update will not take this long again :-)

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