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15 januari 2008

December 2007 ....

Is always a time of elving around. But also this year we had a completely different experience. We found out Robin might make a good doctor someday. At least if that’s what he wants we know he will not faint easily. In fact quite the opposite. He complaint about not being able to see what the doctor at the hospital was doing, when they we stitching the top of Jamie’s finger back on.

Jamie managed to fall over with a folding chair while holding on to it. The folding chair of course folded and his finger was stuck, and on closer inspection half off. So instead of driving to the daycare we drove to the hospital that morning. The service there was brilliant (they’re helping you very fast, when you come in with a wailing bleeding little kid in your arms). And as said before Robin wanted to see everything, needles, stitching, and x-rays.

That happened about 2 weeks ago. And you know what, kids are the fastest healers. The stitched dissolved in about 5-7 days after which he only had a small bandy for 3 more days. And now he doesn’t even need that anymore. The main thing that is still noticeable is that he is missing a fingernail, but otherwise you hardly see it.

….. And we were Elfed again. Just Bas and I this time, and again we did it to ourselves. Bas parents are over for a winter holiday, and to us that means we have some time for the two of us. We used this to go snowshoeing to Elfin Lakes.

Since before we moved here Bas has had his eyes on Elfin Lakes as a winter destination.. After two years we had still not made in there, so preparations where made (including a last minute shop around by my father to get snow chains, it was a little harder to find the right size then we would have guessed).

It would be our first wintercamping trip, with all new gear. So Elfin Lakes was ideal in that respect as well, if something did not work out well, we would just move to the hut.

Gear consisted of a Big Agnes Madhouse 2 four season tent, a set of (heavy) MEC hybrid sleeping bags and a smart selection of clothing.
Somehow we managed to keep the packs to a really nice 10 and 12.5kg without water.

Friday 8pm we left for the Elfin Lakes parking lot, we planned to sleep in the car and then leave Saturday morning early.

There was not much snow on Mamquam road, but we decided to put on the chains anyway, you never know what the situations would be coming back, and it was easy to put them on now. Rest of the way up was quick, we really would not have needed the chains. Our new car is just big enough to sleep in:


Saturday morning we wre pretty slow to start, the two kids usually wake us up before 7, so we slept in a little ;-)
We got going by 9 o'clock with suprisingly only one group skiers and one set snowshoe'ers in front of us.


After a short while we where greeted by this nice view on Squamish:


It took us 4.5hrs to get to the hut, we put our tent up 15 meters away from the hut:


To our surprise there was hardly anybody in the hut, several people would shop up later, but total count was around 12 I think. Never seen a big propane stove like that before, but it worked really well. Hut was super comfortable.. BC Parks had put up a sign that the system would turn of above 20grC. I think they has some problem with people leaving the heater running full force all day (and night)..


We went to bed really early and slept really well. It was not very cold, so we had quite a bit of condensation in the tent. We did leave several things open. But it's a small tent, so two people apparently produce enough moisture to cause trouble. I have no idea how that work out over a longer duration trip.

Next morning was cloudy:


After a slow breakfast, we broke down the tent and headed out (at around 11:00), the sun tried to show for a few minutes:


but didn't win the from the clouds unfortunately ;-)

Trip down was a lot quicker then the way up, only took us slightly more then 2.5hrs to get back.
In the parking lot the Park Warders asked us to wait for a bit because the grader was coming up. A bit later he told is it would take a little longer since somebody had managed to sneak past the roadblock that apparently is setup when the grader goes up, and then that same person tried to overtake the grader:

didn't work out so well for him.. There actually was another car on the other side of road, seemed stuck as well..


Anyway, the chains helped as get down without any issues at all..

We made it back to Vancouver after an eventful drive. Looking back at an amazing first wintercamping trip.. We want to go back when we get AT gear. Because it looks like perfect terrain to get some practice..

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