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09 december 2007

Piggy’s Big Adventure

Piggy had a friend. His name was Robin. Everywhere Piggy went, Robin went with him. They went to school together and they went on holiday together. But on one of the holidays Piggy stayed behind at the playground and forgot to get back in the car with Robin….. And thus began ‘Piggy’s Big Adventure’......


Piggy had been playing all afternoon in the playground. The relaxed chair swing was his favorite playground thing ever. At first, he was sure Robin had been there with him. But now Piggy could not find Robin anywhere. Piggy looked everywhere, on the slide, beneath the slide, on the seesaw, on each single swing, but Robin was gone.


Eventually Piggy climbed all the way on top of the bars above the swing. And then he saw Robin. Robin was on the boat, and the boat was sailing away! Poor Piggy.

Piggy looked as his friend sailed away further and further, till he couldn’t see Robin anymore. Then Piggy was alone. All the fun of the playground was gone. Playing all alone was no fun at all. So Piggy stayed on top of the swings and waited. He hoped Robin would remember and come back for him soon.

But Robin did not return. Night fell and Piggy was still alone on top of the swings. Piggy was almost crying, because he missed Robin so much. Then he thought of all fun things he and Robin had done that weekend. And with that, he fell asleep on top of the swings.

The next day Piggy woke and he heard someone calling his name. Was that Robin? I sure didn’t sound like him. Now he heard it again, somebody was calling him.

Then he saw Robin friends! They were looking for him. Piggy waved and then they saw him too. A minute later Piggy was snug in a warm car with Robin’s friends. They took Piggy home with them. Piggy got to do so many fun things, he hardly had time to miss Robin. But he did send Robin an e-mail each day with a picture of everything he was doing.


Day 1: piggy@island.ca

Dear Robin,

Today your friends taught me how to drive tractor and use the digger. That was awesome! I could ride the tractor all by myself. Look at me in the tractor. I dug a hole as big as Africa! Hope to see you soon.


Love Piggy.

Day 2: piggy@island.ca

Dear Robin,

Look at this!!! Do you see the motorcycle? I got to ride it! First we had to fix the old motorcycle. After that we cleaned it so it was all shiny.


Once it was fixed and cleaned we took it out for a ride. I learned how to use the gears. But I could drive it all by myself.

That night two more friends came over: Bear and Wombat. Did you know Bear and Wombat can read all by themselves?

They read me a bedtime story, just like your mom always does.


I hope you and I learn to read soon to. Then we can read our own stories.

Love, Piggy

Day 3: piggy@victoria.ca

Dear Robin,

Today your friends took me on a trip. At first I thought we might be going home to you, but it was a short trip only to the city of Victoria.

Though I really liked it there I look sad in the picture. It would have been great if you had been here too.

Here’s a picture of me at the city sign…. The flowers there were beautiful.


Love Piggy

Day 4: piggy@victoriastation.ca

Dear Robin,

Another fun day today! Just look at the picture and you will know exactly how much fun it was! This train is at least 100 years old!Hope to see you soon.


Love Piggy

Day 5: piggy@bcferries.ca

Dear Robin,

Today we went for another trip. It was a long drive this time. And I was getting very tired. I thought it would be another fun adventure, but instead it was a boring long drive. Good thing I was not driving, and could just rest my head on the dashboard.


But can you guess what surprised me after the long drive? What made me really happy? Maybe you can guess it from what you in the background in this picture. You have to look very closely…. What do you see?

And what does that mean? Do you know?

Love Piggy

P.S. The answer is a boat… And this boat is going to Vancouver, which means I will see you again very soon! That’s what made me very happy!

Day 6: piggy@baswork.ca

Dear Robin,

I didn’t think I would have to send you an email today, but I do. Let me tell you what happened.

Your friends took me to their family and they in turn took me to the office where you father works. You can imagine how excited I was!


Your father showed me your picture on his computer. I had to wait the whole day, but at least this night I would see you again. Or so I thought.

He showed me the office and we had lunch together. After lunch I helped him. I fixed some computers and I answered the phone for him.


But guess what happened at the end of the day. Your father forgot to take me home with him! At least I have enough computers here to send you an e-mail

Love Piggy

Day 7: piggy@baswork.ca

Dear Robin,

Just a very short e-mail today. Your father said he was very sorry he forgot me yesterday. To make it up he said you would come here today to make sure I won’t be forgotten again.


So I will see you in a couple of hours….. I can hardly wait! As you can see I will be looking for you all day.

Love Piggy

Piggy had a friend. His name was Robin. Everywhere Piggy went Robin went with him. They went to school together and they went on holiday together......

Right now Piggy was with Robin’s father in his office. What Piggy didn’t now was that Robin would come to the office to get him. So while Piggy waited to go home, suddenly Robin was there right in front of him. Piggy and Robin hugged each other for a long time, and then they went home….. And thus ends ‘Piggy’s Big Adventure’.


The End

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