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08 november 2007

It’s was a very spooky day…..

October 31st is Halloween. And in our new neighbourhood there are a lot of kids, so it was bound to be a big happening.

Robin now has the age that he starts looking forward to these kind of things. Somewhere in September he started saying he wanted to be a bat for Halloween. Since I couldn’t find a bat costume, he ended up being a vampire. The good thing with Robin is you can still steer him sort off in what he wants. After I got the costume he said he always wanted to be a vampire. That is he said Bamvire, he still mixes up letters in words. We don’t always correct him because it’s kind of cute.

For Jamie I found the most cute costume in just a regular clothing store. Not the place I expected to find anything (I went to get a pair of jeans for myself). Really cute, have a look at the pictures.



At six when we went outside with Robin and Jamie, there were lots of other people outside already. We joined some of our neighbours for the traditional trick-or-treating the kids do. Robin at a certain point really got the hang of it….. He found out if you ask for more candy you might get more candy! It was very funny to hear him ask for more, since he normally is not that forward with strangers. Jamie meanwhile was just being himself, the cutest kid on the block.

What other news is there….. well not very much. Frans-Thomas is staying with us for 2 weeks on his trip around the world. We bought a new very expensive MP3 player (it was wrapped up in a new car; I suppose it was the wrapping that made the MP3-player that expensive). And we started redecorating the third bedroom. Finally all the old filthy carpet in our house is now gone. There still carpet in the living room, but that’s relatively new (2yrs). And as clean as you can expect with a toddler that insists on “distributing” his food his own way.

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