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07 augustus 2007

Summer is here...

....and the wheather finally caught up. We had to wait til the end of July before it really started to feel like summer. We had some good days before, but nothing that seemed to last.

With the summer season, the guest season also started. It has been a long time since our last canablog entry and we have had most vistors already. It was a lot of fun having people over. And what is especially nice is that we have lot’s of space for guests, and lots of things to do for them. We can use lots of help with painting, putting in new flooring, cleaning, upgrading the bathroom, and having lots of BBQ’s. Though most of the people seemed to prefer going up Grouse Mountain and visiting Lynn Canyon over helping out with redecorating our house....... strange

So we ended up going up Grouse and walking at Lynn Canyon and visiting Fort Langley too. We had a great week of going on daytrips with my parents and another week of camping with Bas’ parents. And we now know Jamie likes camping too, just like Robin. Jamie was realy fond of eating dirt, eating sticks, eating rocks, eating… well anything he could get in his mouth before we would notice and take it away again. Robin still remembered going camping last year, and how much fun he’d had. And I think he was not disappointed this year either. We had some rainy days and some gorgeous sunny (beach) days. Nice enough to go swimming. On our way back we made a stop in Egmont (aan zee bij de bergen). I wonder where the immmigrants to that place cam from ;-).

A week later when everyone was gone again, Robin went to Pedalheads. With long summers for children (they get 2 months, July and August) and few vacation days for parents (2 weeks in the mimimum here and enough employers stick to that in the first year or 2 you work for them), summer camps for children is a thriving business here. Most of them are daycamps. For Robin it was just like going to daycare but in this case he got biking lessons. They check if children can peddle, if they can brake when asked to, and if they can they simply take of the training wheels and start biking. Robin was a little hesitant at first about biking without his training wheels, but he quickly got the feeling . And now 3 weeks later he is riding around the block as if he never did anything else. There’s a firelane between 2 blocks that is car free and nicely paved. So Robin can go there without us having to worry, and he now loves to ride around the block all by himself.

The street itself is quiet save too. It is a dead end street with lots of traffic bumps, so kids can play safely on the street. One of the most played games here is hockey or street hockey. And of course Robin is very much affected by what he sees, so he had to have a real hockey stick too. For the record all hockey here is “ice-“hockey (a term unknown to Canadians). The other type of hockey is called field hockey, but it’s not nearly as popular as (street)hockey. Give Robin a field hockey stick and he would think it’s a hockey stick for babies. Hockey here is like soccer in Europe without the hooligans. People are passionate about it in a friendly way.

The rest of the time we either enjoy the pool in our complex or we are working in the house. Redecorating takes a long time. Between working, enjoying some summer, playing with and taking care of Robin and Jamie, there is not much time left to work on the house. But with another long weekend last weekend and some help of friends we managed to finish our bedroom. So we can now put our bed back again and Robin and Jamie can have their bedroom again.

The next update will hopefully be a bit quicker.. There are also several video's in the pineline.. Question is, will they ever come out :)

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