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11 april 2007

PS 1282 Walk thru video

Time to go to bed, but I did manage to create a quick-and-dirty walk thru video of our new house. I hope you won't get seasick, I did not bring the steadycam.

Upload is currently going, but in about an hour you should be able to find the video at http://www.brijn.nu/video/2007_0410PS1282.wmv, a 129Mb WMV file.

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03 april 2007

Woeheee.. Premier Street 1282

About twenty months after we arrived in Canada we made another big step.. We moved into our new house!

On Saturday the 31st of March we picked up our U-Haul moving truck and loaded all the boxes. In the end we had less help then planned. But with three pair extra ends the loading went pretty quickly.

We had rented a 17" truck.. Turned out to be just right. We didn't have a lot of furniture, but since we decided to leave it all assembled (thinking we had plenty room) it took quite a bit of space in the truck :)

The schedule was pretty tight, officialy we could get into the new house by 12pm. The old appartment had to be empty by 1pm.

We had received the key on Friday so we could get in earlier, but if the house would burn down after we had gone in, but before the official posession time, it would have been an insure nightmare.. So we did go in a bit earlier.. But not much.

All the boxes are now sitting in the living room. We are slowly cleaning things, and moving and unpacking the boxes.. Cleaning was really needed. Two Dutch friends helped us cleaning on Saturday. We estimate that just the kitchen took 12 man hours.. But now it's a nice white instead of the beige it was before :)

First repair: replacing the shower head.. I (Bas) judge hotels, campsites etc by the quality of their showers. During my first shower I discovered this house would score very, very low ;-) Hardly any water was coming out, just enough to get wet.. A quick trip to the Rona (Gamma) fixed the problem.. Shower now scores real high ;-)

We are now thinking that we will start with Robin's room. Painting and laminate. A good practice room with a bit cheaper laminate then what we plan for the living room.

We don't have broadband yet, I hacked together a Wifi solution so that we at least have internet, but bandwidth is very limited. Installation will be next Tuesday. Expect some pictures then.

Time to go to bed. More updates in the near future..

Oh. The new address:

Jamie, Robin, Ge-an and Bas Rijniersce
1282 Premier Street
Vancouver, BC V7J 2H4

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