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11 februari 2007

Yes! We bought a house

Almost two years after we arrived we will move into our new house: 1282 Premier Street, North Vancouver

The house is in an area called Lynnmour. If your memory is really good you might remember a previous entry on Canablog where we how we almost bought a house. This whas in the same area. One of the remarks at the end of that Canablog entry was that we would like to stay in Lynn Valley. We would still prefer that, but it seems unlikely that we can do that with the current house prices.
There is a roughly 60-80k CAD price difference between Lynn Valley and Lynnmour. We now have a house with three floors (well, two and a basement), so of plenty space for our stuff :-)

We where very lucky to get this house, it's was not on the market. But it had been and our realtor ("makelaar") approached the current owner. Turned out she was interested in selling it, but wanted to keep it quiet. She has foster kids, when she puts the house on the market the organization that assigns the kids stops assigning them, removing her only source of income.

Our realtor listed the house for her as a exclusive listing, a listing that is not visible to other realtors and the "Funda" website. Only after the sale has completed the other realtors will be able to see it.

There is a bit of work to do, especially in the basement. But with that much room, we can easily take the projects one by one.

The location is brilliant, a few hundred meters to the west is a path along the river (see the map on top of this post) that we can follow, it leads us to Lynn Canyon park. That is where we now often go to to for a short hike.

All in all, we are pretty happy. We can move in on the 31st of March.

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