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28 september 2006

It's official

On Tuesday the 26th of September 2006 at 21:25 our second son was born..... JAMIE

He did take his time.. So much time that at 11 days after the due date he was induced.

In The Netherlands they start induction two weeks past due time. That would have been last Friday, the day that my parents are leaving again. That would have extremely disappointing.
We always thought this aby would be perfectly on time (like Robin was) or early, since they second children are often born early.

But now this one was late, very late. We had an appointment with the maternity clinic on Friday. The doctor mentioned she was going to make an appointment with the Lions Gate Hospital for induction. Weeeheee, that would mean my parents would still be around.. Big relief..

The actual appointment was for Tuesday since Monday was already fully booked.

On Tuesday we had to call at 7:00 to see if we could really come in (after a very busy you might not).. but yes, there was room, so we went to the hospital at 08:00.. They did another so called "Non Stress Test", they check babies heart rate and mother's uterus contractions. Well, this seemed to be one really stress free baby. They then placed a tampon with some hormones in the uterus to soften the cervix. This usually takes 12-24 hours. Only occasionally this is sufficient to start the labour. The normal way is we'd have to come back on Wednesday to get a second hormone to get the real contractions started. And with that we were send home again at 11. They asked us to come back at 8 in the evening for another Non-Stress-Test.

Since all was still quiet, just an occasional very weak contraction, we decided to meet with Robin and grandparents at Grouse Mountain.
The weather was absolutely amazing, I think around 23dgr at the top of the skyride . My parents where watching the Lumber Jack show when we arrived. Not much had changed since the last time we watched it. They still made a small chair.. Robin was the youngest person in the audience the last time. Not now :-)

We walked up to the top of Grouse Mountain. Very warm, but a nice view as the reward. We'll link the pictures in an update later.

We went back home around 15:30, had dinner since we had to be in the hospital at 20:00. Since 16:00 Ge-an noticed more contractions, not really stronger then before, but shorter apart. We timed them at around 4-5 minutes.

In the hospital Ge-an was connected again to the Non Stress Test equitpment. It show nice regular contractions that where only 2 minutes apart by then. But they still weren't extremely strong. She could just about read a book thru it.

The attending nurse discussed with us if we wanted to go home for a few hours or stay.. We had just decided we wanted to go home, when she wanted to wait for one last contraction. And guess what..... Ge-an's water broke. Apparently contractions get stronger after that, and they did.. Suddenly it all went to full labour. This was around 20:45. Since things where accelerating so quickly the nurse called our doctor and started the IV (anti-biotics) and checked dilation, it went from 4 to 6 cm in the last twenty minutes.

Another twenty minutes later contractions where so painfull that Ge-an asked (uhmmm, demanded ;) a painkiller. The nurse gave Ge-an de painkiller.

At this point the doctor also came in. The nurse asked Ge-an if she noticed any effect.. No, she replied, but I do feel the urge to push.
There reply was OK, turn to your back and start pushing if the next contraction feel the same.
After two more contractions the head started to apprear already. The doctor had Ge-an feel for the head.. We where expecting something similar to Robin's birth, so it was a huge surprise that we where already at that point.. A few more contractions and it was 21:25, the time that Jamie was born.. Less then an hour after labour started :-)

They quickly checked him (all ok) and measured and weighed him. So the important details:

After two hours we moved from the baby delivery room to the post partum ward. I had phones my parents, so my mother quickly came by (it's only 15 minutes away from our appartment).

There was an extra "bed" for me, so I was able to stay with Ge-an during the night.. Not much sleep, but ala, we will need to get used to that again :-)

The doctor had already said we might be able to go home the next day, since everything went very well. Normally people stay two days.

On Wednesday morning there where some more checks and Jamies first wash. My parents where there at that point as well, so many pictures and video's where taken.. We will add links later today.

At 13:00 we left the hospital, so where at home less then 16 hours after he was born... joehoeee..

Links to pictures and video:

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14 september 2006

It's almost time ...

To go skiing!! Or was it almost time for the baby to come!

Let's start with the important part first.. We ordered two Cypress Mountain ski passes. Last year we didn't ski to much because a ticket for just an evening is relatively expensive (~35 dollars). Now we can go for an hour of skiing if we want..

My parents (Bas) arrived last week. The weather was still extremely nice, 30 something degrees I think. We have had a solid three months of sun, with maybe two days with some rain.

But September is the month that the weather turn to rain, and stays like that for 3 months :-)

Today we had the first real rainy day. It was also a lot colder, around 7gr this morning.

And it was not just colder on this side.. Banff currently has a heavy snow advisory :-) You can guess where my parents are (not Banff, but close)..

The picture below is Whistler, today.. First snow.. woehie!!

I'm really loking forward to this winter.. Plan to get lots of skiing in.

Oh, and the baby, not there yet :-)

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