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10 augustus 2006

Summer is slowly getting to an end

Since the last entry a few things happened: I got picked up of a mountain by Search and Rescue (no, it wasn't for me). We went for a week summer holiday to Vancouver Island with Dutch friends and ...

it's only six more weeks before we expect the new family member.

But let's start at the start ;-) Since I have get 5 more vacation days then Ge-an, I needed to spent those. In an early Canablog entry I already linked to Canada West Mountain School. In the winter I did an avalanche course with them. Now I booked the Complete Mountaineering course. I had done a few course in Europe 6-7 ago, but had not done a lot of climbing since. So I decided to take the entry level course again. A good choice I think, since the terrain is totally different here.

We took a helicopter ride to the Tantalus range near Squamish. I had never been in a helicopter so that was a nice (but expensive) bonus :-) The 10 min helicopter ride saved us two days of hiking ;-)

The course was pretty interesting, but the weather was lousy, lot's of rain unfortunately.

On the day that we decended to a hut (last night before getting back to Squamish) the weather cleared, so the second part of the day we could actually see where we were going. Unfortunately I twisted my knee coming down. I think that the foot-loop of my gaitor got caught behind something.. Auch.. The guide was able to carry my backpack back to the hut. I slowly made my way down, I could put pressure on the knee in one (sideways) direction, not the other.

The end of the day was along a nice flat path just above Lake Lovelywater going to the hut. On the last 700 meters (horizontal!) the slowest person of the group got lost. We only realized this 20-30 mins after we had reached that hut. What followed was a full-on Search and Rescue operation. He was found alive, but with a broken leg and elbow. He was helicoptered out the next morning. We got a free helicopter ride as well, a good thing because the normal decent would have been 1200 altitude meters in 4 km. I don't think my knee would have been up to that.

Pics (many of them, since I did not make a selection yet) available on Gallery.

Back in Vancouver Inge and Peter had arrived from The Netherlands. Ge-an had taken the second week off. We headed out to Vancouver Island for a short holiday. Highlight of the week was whale watching in Telegraph Cove (on the North East coast). On our trip we where surrounded by over 40 killer whales (Orca's) and a humpback whale. Amazing!! Pics online as well.

In the weekend of Ge-an's birthday we where invited over to Thetis Island again. This time we went there on the boat of a colleague. A super nice trip, some of the rock formations are stunning. Also a nice (close) encounter with a bald eagle. At that time we didn't know that we would see several more :)

A very nice and relaxing weekend: Pics at Gallery, and a Video as well. Lots of wildlife, maybe no killewhales, but seals, bald eagles, turkey vultures, osprey, racoons and more.

And today it was Robin's third beirthday!! Since we both had to work, he did have to go to daycare. They made a nice birthday crown for him and Robin shared his birthday pastry. We baked them ourselves, after having found something more similar to "bladerdeeg".

So many things are different here, some large and some very small.... Like "bladerdeeg" is not known here. You may find philo dough in a store, that would be the closest thing in a regular store. Finally we did find something closer in a delicatesse store, puffy pastry. As the name sugests is "blows up" quite a bit. So you have to roll it out very thin. We put some amonds, sugar and peach inside, and made small pastries.

Otherwise Robin's birthday was quiet. We'll have a very small party for him Sunday. He does know now he's 3, but otherwise a birthday is still a pretty regular dy for him.

And with Peter, Inge and Simon gone, it's quiet in our house too. It was great having them over, seeing Simon again etc. And the quiet won't last, in about 4 weeks time Bas' parents will be coming over...

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