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06 mei 2006

What we miss in Canada

In our budget we have included a trip to the "Holland Shopping Centre" in New Westminster every two months..

To give you an idea what we miss we included the shopping list below:

1550g licorice,$20.00 [Drop]
6x Raisin buns, $2.79$ [Krentenbol]
AH Gevulde koek, $6.15
Barkhuis groninger cake, $3.95 [Ontbijtkoek]
6x Bolletje beschuit, $6.60
Dinteloord syrup, $3.15 [Stroop]
2x DeRuiter chocolate flakes, pure, 300g, $10.38 [Chocolade vlokken]
1x DeRuiter vlokfeest, 300g, $4.95 [Chocolade vlokken]
1x DeRuiter white anise hail, 300g, $3.99 [Anijshagel]
AH appelstroop, $3.85
Medium Gouda, 710g, $13.42 [Kaas]

To add a Dutch finish to the day we made some pancakes with stroop" for diner :-)

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01 mei 2006

Greetings from Shanghai

Two months since our last update.. That's not good :-) I'm currently sitting in a hotel room in Shanghai, so have some time to spare...

Our first winter has officially ended. Temperatures in the past week have reached 20 degrees in Vancouver. Not to good for the snow. I have one day left on a Whistler pass. So after I get back I will have to use that one quickly :)

And whas it a nice winter?? Yes it was, record snowfall, so we will not complain about that :-) Have we done what we wanted to do.. Not all of it, mostly because ski days passes are pretty expensive, so you don't go skiing for a few hours. For next season we will probably get a year pass on Cypress. Expensive as well, but then you can at least go for a few hours after work if you feel like it.

Next winter I also want to see if I can get some touring time.. Some people were friendly enough to take me up Mount Seymour a few times. But we never made the step to go out by ourselves.. Will see next year.

This summer I want to do a climbing course. It's been several years since I did some real Alpine Climbing. My knowledge needs a decent refresher. I'll probably do an entry level course at Canada West Mountain School.

The perfect combination for me would be to use ski's with skins to get to a nice snowy mountain, and then climb it.. There is many possibilities for that in the Vancouver area.. Let's see if we can do that next year :)

As I said in the introduction, I'm currently in Shanghai. A business trip. We are doing an upgrade of an important piece of software, the installation has to be done on all the ships as well. As a result I went to Hong Kong for about a week (strange that I get back to that place so often), Manila for a day, and now Shanghai for another week.

Shanghai is like Rotterdam, but then with 18.000.000 people :-) So not very interesting. Some interesing observations:

- Volkswagen made a smart choice a while ago. Most seen car in Shanghai is the Volkswagen Passat. Apparently Volkswagen opened a production line here a few years ago. Second place Audi, third place Buick (production somewhere else in China). I was expecting something similar as in South Korea, where I did not see one single non-Korean car.

- Altough all signs are also available in English, many people still speek little English. I went hunting for an English book. The lady in the bookshop in the hotel did not understand "Novel", but fortunately here translator helped out. Unfortunately see didn't have any. The hotel concierge showed me on the map where to find a big book shop (Time Square).. It was quite a long way from the hotel (about 20 km and a bridge further). On a short walk from the hotel (2km and no bridge crossing) I suddenly noticed a big Times Square sign, and a big bookshop... Duhhhhh, the concierges map reading skills need some work :-)

After some looking around in the shop I asked for English books. The first person went looking for some colleagues with better english language skills. This colleague helped me by showing me the english lessons books :-) Euhhh, no, not really.. I'm looking for an english novel.. Same blank stare as in the hotel.. But fortunately the bookstore also sold translators :-) I did get my book in the end...

- Shanghai has all the Western chains: Pizza Hut, Starbucks, KFC, McDonalds.. The shop with the longest lineup: Haagen Dazs... It could have something to do with the fact that it's 29dgr and they started a week long holiday (Labour week).

Hopefully I'll be going home in a few days.. Spending this much time alone in a hotel is not to much fun..

By the time I get home we should also have sold our house!!! Almost two years after we put it on the market.. No we can forget about it and move on....

Next update hopefully a bit quicker



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