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01 maart 2006


Time for another update, the last one has been a month ago....

First of all, Bas went to Korea for whole week. That was a bit of a challenge for me. Luckely it was only my second week at Arc'Teryx and I could still take it easy there.

Robin is still adjusting to going to daycare fulltime. He loves going there, but we do notice he get more tired at night especially on Thursdays and Fridays. He much more active at day-care and he is just learning so much. His English is as good as his Dutch now. Some of the new words he only knows in English.

They usually go out once or twice a day, depending the weather. There's a playground just across the street from the daycare. Besides that they do Art and have Circle Time everyday. Today Sandra made a contour drawing of each child, and then they could color it. It looks nice. We'll probably put it on Robin's bedroom door.

That is.... in the furure it will not be just Robin's bedroom. But he will need to share it with a little brother ar sister. YES, I'm pregnant again! We're expecting our second baby in September. So far everything is going well. We went to the Maternity Clinic for the first time last Monday. There we heard the heartbeat of the baby, really great!

So anyone planning to visit us, September might not be the best month :-).

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