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01 februari 2006

BC has never seen this much snow

Two mails yesterday: One from Whistler "It's official Jan 06 is the snowiest month in recorded history"... They got 469cm of snow in ONE month :-) Seymour just mentioned that they had 500cm+ in this season...

Yes, live is good :-) Skiing was one of the reasons for moving here. We are trying to make most of it. We use the excuse that we have to find a nice place to go to with my (Bas) parents next Winter.

Last weekend we headed out to Big White. A bit further from Vancouver (about 4.5h), but many people recommended it as a cheaper and more family friendly version of Whistler.

The trip to Big White was interesting, the scenery varied from extremely winter'ish (Coquihalla Highway) to almost summer'ish (around Merritt).

Big White is a resort that was build from scratch. They looked for a nice mountain, build a road to it and created some ski runs. As a result every building is Ski-In/Ski-Out, pistes run thru the city, pretty amazing.

The skiing was nice as well. Pics at Gallery,also see this nice video (top link on the page, 32Mb)!)..
From the Important-News-Front, Ge-an has found a new job at Arc'Teryx, a very cool high-end, outdoor clothing/backpacks company. Just a bicycle ride away, that will beat the 40min drive to Ikea :) Also no weekend shifts, altough that is not entirely true.. If the contract is signed tomorrow (Thursday here), the first days on the job are Fri/Sat/Sun. The fact that it's a product introduction in Whistler does soften the pain a bit ;-)

On the other work front (Bas), there is nice trip to Korea coming up. In Korea the ships are build on the Samsung shipyard. I will be there to install the computer systems on a new ship. Hopefully I'll also be joining the naming ceremony. Must be pretty interesting..

And off course we won't forget Robin. He himself will make sure we won't. Lately he's has been everything from an owl to a baby kangeroo. The later is his favourite pretend animal. It allows him to jump and jump and jump all day long. Also when I (Ge-an) will start my new job Robin will go to daycare fulltime. His english will improve even faster then.

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