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04 januari 2006

The new year (and a bit of the old)

The last update has been awhile ago. We had our third visit from Europe. My (Bas) parents came over for the Christmas and new year.. We spent just over a week in Whistler, planning to ski there...

But when we arrived the freezing level was at 2500meters. A bit of a problem when the highest mountain is 2200 meter. I had been there a week earlier for an avalanche course. Minus nine, and clear skies.. A lot of change in a week..

Fortunately the freezing level dropped enough later to produce snow every night. In the nine days we where there over a meter of snow was added to the snowpack. Yeahhh!
Whistler is well known for it's huge off-piste area. We only tried a little bit of it, but it was loads of fun. Movies will be added later (with over an hour of raw material; it takes a while to convert it into something nice).

Pictures can be found at http://gallery.brijn.nu/whisdec05

While we were in Whistler it continued to rain on the local (Vancouver) mountains, causing all the ski areas to close down. They are fearing a repeat of last year, a wasted season with hardly any snow.. But fortunately over the last two days they got some fresh snow. Enough for a nice snowshoe walk on Mount Seymour for my parents.

My parents are leaving tomorrow again for the Netherlands. The next visitors will be in the summer again.. Several people are planning to come.. Maybe you can let us know when you plan to come:
- Arrival date
- Days you want to stay with us
- Departure date
It would be a bit of a shame if you all come at the same time, and you have to sleep in the garden (Although we do have a tent available in case of emergencies :)) or worse, under the carport..

When the movies are ready i'll post an update..

Only thing left is to wish everybody a good new year!


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