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17 november 2005

Winter is here

The first real entry I made on this blog in November 2003 was about skiing. Ever since I have been keeping a close eye on snowheights, places to ski, etc..

Now we are here, and the snow is here too!

On the last day of October we decided to walk to Black Mountain in Cypress park. It's was relatively cold, so we were hoping for some snow.. Unfortunately we only found rain, lot's of it :-) Have a look at the video (35Mb) of that trip..

Four days later there was 50cm of snow.. It snowed for most of the week, as a result Whistler-Blackcomb was having it's opening earlier then ever. Ofcourse we went there :-) Since it was really early in the season we found a nice and cheap hotel. Skiing was good (altough extremely tiring :). Have a look at the video and the photo's.

The last weekend was (another) long weekend. So we had a few days to play in the snow :) We made a trip to Cypress and timed how long it took us to get to the snow.. The result still amazes us, the difference a 15min car ride can make!! :)

Unfortunately the weekend brought typical Vancouver weather, loads of clouds (as can be seen in the video). The next Monday was an absolutely amazing day, clear skies, sunshine.. The typical I-have-to-work weather. I decided to leave a bit early so that we had some time to drive up to Seymour.. I wise decision :-) Have a look at the video and the pictures, worth the wait.. really!

Unfortunately the forecast for the coming week is far to warm :( But i'm sure there will be many more days of snow ;)


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01 november 2005

Hello again…

Well long time since we wrote an entry so it’s about time….....

Let’s start off with visitor number two. In his way also a first; the first relative to visit us. Two weeks ago my brother came over for a holiday. He flew to Toronto where he stayed a couple of days. Then he took the train across Canada to get to Jasper. 48 Hours of forests, lakes, prairies and 3 time zones later (or actually earlier) he arrived in Jasper. Robin and I meanwhile had driven up to Jasper from Vancouver in a day and a half.

We were lucky to get the last good weather of the season, not too cold. The first evening we saw a wolf (or coyote; the experts can’t really tell from the video, so I prefer to call it a wolf) and a Moose. Though after this great start, the wildlife seemed to have vanished. The only other animals we saw later during our trip were squirrels (plenty) some elk, and only on the last day of Ger’s holiday did we see two grizzlies (on Grouse mountain in a fenced off area)

For compensation the views in the Rockies were fantastic. We were very lucky to have some sunshine and high clouds, and……. snow on all mountain tops. Driving over the Icefields Parkway was amazing. If you think it’s beautiful in the summer, as I did, next time go in the autumn. The colors, the snow on the mountains and the skyscapes are amazing. We have been walking through the snow; Robin started throwing snowballs at us till his hands froze. He is too young to understand he can stop before his hands actually get too cold. So when he stops throwing snow he immediately starts crying because his hands are so cold……

After Jasper Banff and Canmore (we stayed with friends where Robin had some playmates too) we drove for one long day through mist and rain to get to Vancouver. There we went to all the touristy places, some which Bas haven’t even seen yet.

Then just as I was dropping Ger of at the airport, Bas called with a surprise, a big surprise. Tickets to the hockey (ice-hockey that is for all Dutchies) game that evening. And tickets to the hockey are hard to get because last season’s there was no hockey at all. There had been some sort of work conflict between players and NHL. Since I wasn’t able to find a baby-sitter on such a short notice we took Robin with us. He loved it! We all did. It’s a very fast game, lots of things happening at the same time. We might have to read Hockey for Dummies, so we know the rules too. It gets confusing if you don’t know why they do what they do even if they do it well. Of course “our team” won! Canucks rule!!!

This time of the year there is another certainty besides hockey. Rain. Once it starts it goes on for about six months. At least that is what we were told. So far I find it is not as bad as the people here in Vancouver think. After every two or three day the sun will be out again. Only we seem to be picking the rainy days for hiking. First in Lynn Valley we were simply soaked. Robin walked quite a bit of the way himself. That means we’re not so fast and extra wet. And Robin gets even wetter jumping up and down in the water puddles.

But rain down in Vancouver this time of year also means SNOW (!!) on top of the mountains. So last Sundays we went up Black Mountain in Cypress Park. We were hoping to see some real snow. Unfortunately at the snowline there was no more mountain left, and all we saw was some wet snow. Next time we will have to find a mountain that’s a little higher. Some 50 meters more would have done the trick. So next weekend we’ll be going to Whistler where the mountains are now covered in snow. There is even so much snow in Whistler that the ski lifts will be open during the weekend.

But before I get to far ahead at what we will do somewhere in the future, there one more new experience we had….…… TRICK or TREAT…….. I carved a pumpkin to put outside by the door, we had a drawing with bats and ghosts and pumpkins, and we had a big, big trumpeting elephant in our house. We had to take this elephant out trick or treating. Bas stayed at home to fill the bags of witches, warlocks, Thomas the trains, Pooh bears, princesses and Spiderman’s with candy. The neighbors with their Tigger and me with our elephant went to the mall and later to the houses in our block to get candy.

The last thing from North Vancouver this moment is a joke question: “What do you get went you mix Halloween and Diwali (the Celebration of Light for Hindi)?” We hope to get your answers before the next canablog.brijn.nu entry posting ...................

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