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07 oktober 2005

Vancouver is ....

..... the best City to life in

We just found out we live in the best city in the world. Of course we unknowingly knew this when we moved here, but it's good to hear we made the right choice...... http://www.cnn.com/2005/WORLD/europe/10/04/eui.survey/index.html

No real other news, the surrounding mountains did get there first snow! It's gone now, but it was a cool sight anyway.. Hopefully lot's more to come in the near future..

Oh, there is other news.. We both passed our theoretical for the BC drivers license, and Ge-an passed the practical test as well!!
Our Dutch drivers license only allows us 90 days of legal driving in BC. Unfortunately we can't just convert it (German, Swiss, Japanese can :( ).. But at least Ge-an can now drive legally :)

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