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14 januari 2005

Almost there... done the medical check

At nine this morning we rang the bell at a nice old house in The Hague. We had an appointment with the, in immigration circles, well known Dr van Meurs.
He is very friendly, elderly doctor (our guess is around 75) who is allowed by the Canadian embassy to do the physical checks required for the application.

His working- and reception area look like they have not been updated since around 1950. Gas stoves, very old microscope, desk completely filled with paper (obviously no PC to be found there).

A great experience :-)

The checks were simple and straight forward, we do not expect any problems. In a nearby hospital a chest X-ray was made, and a blood sample taken. X-ray was fine as well for both of us.
After Dr van Meurs has received all the results he will forward them to Vienna (?) who will do a last check and then tell the embassy in Berlin that all is OK.

All of this means that we expect our VISA by the end of March!!!!

But first... Skiing in Livigno!

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11 januari 2005


The real estate agent did find some post! And yes, it included our forms for the medical check.... Woehaaaaa..

We have got an appointment for this Friday..

Today i'll also Transfer the Right of Permanent Residence Fee. By waiting a two weeks we saved E60. Due to a currency conversion rate change, the fees is down to E590 per person, instead of 620 last week :-)

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And again another viewer

And another visit for tomorrow. Unfortunately not a second visit from the viewer of last week. But a viewer a week is at least a nice thing.

We asked the real estate agent of the house below us to check their mail to see if TPG Post misplaced it maybe? Haven't heard anything back yet. Will check tomorrow.

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08 januari 2005

Another viewer for the house

It has been awhile but we had another viewer for the house. He apparently was interested in a second visit.. Let's see what comes out of it.

Selling the house now would be great

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06 januari 2005

TPG Post

Buysse sent of the documents at the third of Jan. Normally we would have received it a day later, max two. It's now three days later. Another victim of a criminal TPG Post employee it seems. We know of three other deliveries that never reached us :-((((

Will have to complain to them tomorrow, but it's extremely shitty since this delivery contained official documents from the Berlin embassy. If they don't allow us to use copies (that Buysse has fortunately enough), we might need to wait until they have sent a new copy..
I would not be surpised if that gives us a delay of about a month :-(

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03 januari 2005

Yes!!!! Invitation for medical check on it's way

Earlier today we received a phone call from Buysse to tell us that they had received the invitation for the medical check. After the check you will get the VISA in two months!

That means that the whole procedure will have taken a year. Exactly the timeframe given by the Berlin embassy.

We will have to sent the Embassy the "Right of Permanent Resident Fee"
A fee of roughly Euro 620 per person. If we transfer the money now, the next request from the embassy will be to sent the passports in... Wooowie..

A good start of the new year! Now if we would only sell our house :-)

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