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29 mei 2004

House @ Funda

In the Netherlands there is one big site where most of the houses-for-sale are listed. This site has revolutionized the way people find and buy a house. We just it a lot to find this house. Now our house is again available on Funda

A direct link to the house might not work, but you can try it anyway :-)

I also created PDF of the most important pagem click to view

There are several house available in this street, but none as big as ours. But since the market is slow. We expect that it could take a year (or more) to sell it

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24 mei 2004

Pictures for the house taken

Just a small entry, the pictures for the house were taken this morning..


Only a week left before we go on holiday to Canada!!

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17 mei 2004

Hiking in and around Vancouver

While looking for pictures of the Golden Ears National Park, I found a link to Club Tread and Wanderungen! Both sites with a forum where people plan/announce hikes. This will be very helpful for us to find the really nice places around Vancouver. Let's see if there are people with small children..

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12 mei 2004

Heli skiing

Ohhhhhh, somebody on Mowi mentioned that he went Heli skiing the last two years. It doesn't look to bad :-)

Have a look at their web site: http://www.rkheliski.com

Remind me to get a cheap house and a well paid job, so that we can spent loads of money on trips like this.


Wauw: another link http://www.wiegele.com/
Watch that intro!!!

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08 mei 2004

House for Sales

Yesterday we gave a realtor the OK for starting to sell our house. We will receive a contract next week, and after that a photographer will come by to make some pictures for the presentation.

We decided to start with the sale a long time before we will actually leave, because:
- It might take a year before it's actually sold
- We don't mind to move to a rental house before we move to Canada. This could be fairly smll so that we already have to clean up/throw things away, and pay a lower monthly fee

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07 mei 2004

Told my boss @ work

Yesterday I told my boss that we were going to immigrate.. He was happy that I told it this early, so that he can adjust his plans.
He could also understand why we wanted to go.. The suggestion he made: working out of a nice cabin in the woods over the internet.. was a good one :-) But maybe not to realistic at first.. but who knows

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