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28 april 2004

Rent a house

We ran into a nice site for house rentals: http://canadianresidentialrentals.com/bc.html
There is quite a large number of houses available for a very reasonable price. We now have the strong feeling that we should rent for the first 6-12 months, we can then find a nice job (and switch if it isn't) without worrying to much about having to pay for a house.
And it will give us the time to look around for a really nice place to live. We estimate that we should be able to live without to much problems for almost year without having a job at all! This is ofcourse a very save feeling, we can just go there, find a rental house and find a job without to much presure.

Anyway, in June we will have a good look for possible living areas anyway :-)

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27 april 2004

B number finally received

Yesterday the only official document for many months to come was received from the embassy in Berlin. It is the document with the so called B number, the number under wich our dossier (case) is know to the embassy..

With this number we can also open a bank account etc.

They receive our documents at 19-3-2004, that is the official start date of our process. It looks like that the process is currently taking 11 months, so that would mean a visum by Feb 2005 :-)

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