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09 januari 2004

Visit to Buysse

At Monday December, 22 we went to the first meeting with Buysse. In the meeting Buysse went into some more detail to assess our chances. They think we have a 98% chance. The remaining 2% is if we turn out to be very sick or heavy criminals :-)

So we signed a contract with them....

They timeframe they proposed is roughly:
End of January ‘04: we deliver all documents
End of February ‘04: Buysse sends all documents to the embassy after getting them translated and certified
End of August ’05: VISA, the embassy needs 18 months! :-( Maybe I should help them implement a good workflow tool

Now (January 9) we have most documents gathered, only the “Verklaring van goed gedrag” and references from Ge-an’s employer are missing.

I added a permanent exchange rate graph to the page layout. I sent out all documents to open a Non Resident Account with the Royal Bank of Canada, so we need to determine a good point to transfer some funds :-)

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