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28 november 2003

Getting help

The internet has a lot of info on immigration, but since it's very complex we decided to make use of the services of a specialised company: Buysse Immigration Consultancy.
I found thru the Canada Bulletin Board system

AT 22nd of December we have an appointment there.

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25 november 2003


The Internet is a very useful tool to check out places that want to go to. It's even useful to find a place where you would like to live.

Like in the Netherlands there is an site with the housing offers. All information is kept by the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)
I like another site better, it look a bit better :-)

Another page provides really good info on the areas in and around Vancouver

Together with Mapblasting to find out how far things are from city Vancouver, the area called Coquitlam seams to be a good choice. Affordable houses and a good website :-)

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One of the primary reason to go to Canada is the amazing nature. We already knew that Whister is really close. Whistler is always rated within the top 3 of best skiing locations in the world.

When starting to check out Telemarking (Free heel skiing) opportunities I found some thing that made me really happy

The standard try for an URL is always: put www in front of it and the country at the end and give it a go:
turns out the be the Vancouver Telemark Festival. What a luck, in our city of choice.

At the bottom of the page is a link to the ski resort:
Mount Seymour
After a little bit of hunting it turned out to be not that far from Coquitlam, to be more precise it was 24.1km and 26 minutes..... WOWWWWW

Then I started to Google a bit for more ski locations in the Vancouver area. What a list:

Now we drive 11 hours to Livigno to get to the Skieda :-)

Bas (who was logged in under Ge-an's account ;-)

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Why a BLOG

Why add another new blog to the internet?
Because it's nice to later check what you thought at a certain time? How will I otherwise remember that I yesterday found out that there are a three major ski areas around Vancouver?

That I think that Coquitlam would be a nice place to live, and many more small things that you will forget if you don't write them down.

And later it will be a great place to keep family and friends up-to-date with our live in Canada.

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